Oh hi there! Let's uncover the magic betwixt us

How to install the zanie bot

  • 1. Please read and agree to our privacy policy to activate the Add to Slack button
  • 2. Clicking the Add to Slack button will take you through the standard installation sequence (selection of team, permissions, confirmation)
  • 3. Once the installation is complete, you will be prompted to return to your Slack team where the zanie bot will greet you and ask you to invite up to 7 team members to participate in our free 6-week trial
  • 4. Once your team members are invited and they respectively agree to the privacy policies, the zanie bot will kick off with it’s first question! And the magic begins

What happens once I install?

zanie uses the power of conversation to build strong professional relationships.
We use questions as a mechanism to engage teams in the kinds of dialogue
that will lead to emotional connection, creating the psychological safety needed
to spark innovative and productive work.

What should I expect the bot to do?

Get ready for some great questions and conversation starters in Slack. We'll start the party - you keep it going.

How much does it cost?

Right now, we are in open beta with teams for a 6 week free trial. Following the trial, our subscription model will keep teams engaged for the price of a team get together. For more info, contact us at .